Let's Get Organized

It came, it finally came.  I broke down and ordered my very first Erin Condren LifePlanner and I am in love.  It is pretty and it has so much room to write.  

I decided to start small and get one that is ready to ship.  You can create your own design and get more personalized ones, but I thought for round one I would start with one that I could work with and get going. 

I know you are all thinking, oh how pretty.  You can choose if you want a vertical or horizontal interior with this one.  I went with the horizontal one this time.  I also love how colorful it is.  There are little stickies in the back that you can use all year for things like birthdays, concerts, hair appointments, etc.  

I think next year I may try out some little extras.  What do you think of the ones below?

If you want to learn more about the planners and get a discount, click here.  We all get a referral discount.  Win win.