Weekend Recap: Father's Day Weekend Style

What a busy weekend we had!  We didn't leave home much but we got a ton of things done around the house.  It was glorious!  

Thursday night began our cleaning frenzy.  Our house is not very big and we have made full use out of our closets.  One of the rooms was used as an extra TV/game room and the other is the office.   We knew that the extra TV room would become the nursery so mission one was to completely clean out the closet.  We had cleaned out the room a week or two ago, so the closet was all that was left.  We emptied the closet and tossed the items that were so old and have not been touched since we moved in.  The clothes that we no longer wear we put in a bag to donate to our clothing drive at church.  The hard part was to decide where to put the things that we wanted to keep.  We decided to move them to the office closet which meant cleaning it out and reorganizing it.  Several hours later both closets were cleaned out.  The office closet is all organized and you can see everything that is in it.  By everything I mean lots of Pampered Chef dishes,  Greg's tools and all of the board games.  The closet in the nursery just has two big boxes of Pampers.  Hooray for diapers that will last all of a few weeks.  

The best part of cleaning out the closet was it gave us the opportunity to get rid of all of the "touch-up" paint that our builder left when we moved in.  I am a big fan of touch-up paint.  However, in my mind touch-up paint is a gallon or two at most.  Our builder's version is to leave 7, yes 7, 5-gallon buckets of paint.  Some had more paint than others.   We decided to go to Home Depot and get two empty one gallon paint buckets and save one gallon of the wall color paint and one gallon of the trim paint.  That is all of the touch up paint we need.  

I think Greg really enjoyed his Father's Day weekend.  He is counting down until he knows whether his firstborn will be a boy or girl (that countdown is just over a week) and until he gets to meet that little person.  

Peanut decided to give Dad his first Father's Day card and present this weekend.  Silly me forgot to take a picture of the card, but this is where the idea came from.

Peanut also got Daddy a new smoker, because let's face it Mommy and Peanut are ready for some smoked chicken and smoked brisket.

Have a great Monday everyone!