Hey June

How is it June already? This year is flying by.  

I decided to share my goals for the month today.  After all it is June 1st and it's a Monday, seemed like good timing to me.  Here goes...

One: Quality Time with Greg
Greg and I know that our lives are about to change and look very different here in a few months.  I realized that I want to be very intentional in the time that I have.  We have both decided to put our iPhone's and iPad's up more when we are home and to just focus on family time.  By the time we get home and have dinner, we feel rushed to do things around the house or having to be somewhere.  Our goal for this month is to simply watch our time better and make the most of it.

Two: Drink More Water
Let's be honest.  Water is not and has never been on my list of favorites.  However, I know the importance of drinking water especially when pregnant.  My goal is to focus on drinking plenty of water.  With summer in full swing, I want to make sure I stay hydrated.  I think Peanut will appreciate that.  

Three: Compile Registry List
We are so happy that we received lots of feedback on items that we would need for little Baby Harrison.  This month I want to compile the list of the items we need and want and start focusing on what specific products we want to put on our registry.  

Four: Finish My Spring Cleaning
Yes I know that spring is over, but my spring cleaning is not.  I made some great progress this past weekend but I want to finish up my Spring Cleaning this month.  I really just want to take the three bedroom closets and purge.  There are things that can be sold and things that can be tossed.  This is a big project but it needs to be done.  

What are your goals for June?  I like to begin each month with some tasks to complete.  I've learned that the key is to keep the list simple.