Life is Changing

I am currently very aware that things are changing on a daily basis at our house.  The past few months have been full of excitement but not much has changed for us in terms of our daily routine.  Well, except the morning sickness that overstayed its welcome.  Correction, it was not welcome in the first place.

However, this week that has all changed.  Greg and I love our first house but we realized that with the upcoming arrival of person #3 in the house that we were going to have to do some reorganizing of one of the extra rooms.  We have two small rooms that we had to decide what to do with.  One functions as our office and home for all of my books and the other was Greg's game room, aka where we put our old couch and TV.  We decided the best thing to do would be to get rid of the couch and TV stand and put the TV in our bedroom to make room for Baby Harrison.  

We gave the couch and TV stand to our friends from church who are selling items to raise money for missions.  Last night, that room suddenly looked really empty and it hit both of us that life is changing.  There are just a few things in that room now.  

See, just a few things.  A chest, a dresser, a snow globe from Grammy, a baby book, some Dr. Seuss books, a book that my cousin Anna wrote and MY stuffed animals.  Sorry Peanut, but the Minion and Snoopy are for Mommy. She will let you play with the penguins who are named Pepper and Jeffrey.  Greg has been deciding on how he wants to paint the dresser and chest. 

Yesterday was also the first day that I realized that some of my clothes do not fit so well anymore.  I was at work thinking this is not very comfy all day.  I walked in my house at 5:15 and changed faster than I have in my entire life.  Goodbye clothes that are a little snug and hello to the beginning stage of maternity clothes.  I think I will have a date with the Target maternity section this weekend. 

Life is looking different around the Harrison household and we are pretty excited.