Hello Cookies

Maybe it is just me but I'm thinking not, chocolate chip cookies might be one of the greatest things of all time.  I love them.  I always have.  

My parents were in town over the weekend and it only seemed fitting for my Mom and I to make some cookies.  Yes we made a cake for Mother's Day but just because we made chocolate chip cookies.  

Growing up there were plenty of times that we may or may not have had chocolate chip cookies for breakfast.  My Mom doesn't like coffee so most mornings she would have a Sun Drop in the morning and if by chance we had some cookies she may have one of them as well.  I am the same way.  I do like coffee but it is not something that I have to have every day.  I would much rather have a ice cold Dr. Pepper poured over a glass full of ice.

My Mom and I agreed that over the weekend Carson should experience the joy of cookie making.  He sat in his little bumbo and watched the whole experience.  He loved it.  He also wanted to try some dough.  I didn't see any problem with it, his Dad would have a different idea.  No, I didn't give him any.  Relax people.

I think this was one of my favorite things of the weekend.  Time with my Mom doing something we both love and then letting the little buddy take part too.  I see lots of baking in the future for Carson and I.  He will make a great taste tester for me.