The One with the 6 Month Old

Carson, you are 6 months old.  Well, 6 months and 2 days.

Time is flying by buddy.  You crack us up each and every day.  Your Daddy and I are thrilled that we get to be your parents.  We love you so much.

Here is what's new with you buddy...

You weigh in at 16 lbs and 6 oz which puts you in the 27th percentile.  You are 26 inches tall which puts you in the 23rd percentile and your head is 43.25 cm which puts you in the 47 percentile.  Yes your height and weight have not caught up with your head yet.  That just means you are super smart. 

Overnight last week you became a champ at sitting up.  You went from wobbly sitting to sitting tall and happy within hours.  Way to go.  You have rolled over a few times but you could care less about it.  You think you have done it so why keep doing it.  You are ready for the next thing.

You are a bouncing champion.  You were in your jumper for at least 30 minutes last night jumping away which is impressive when just 4 hours prior you had two shots.  I guess you wanted to work out some of the stiffness.  

You love to play in your exersaucer, reach for and eat your toes, you love to pat everyone, and you love your two little friends at daycare.  Your teacher calls you her little Romeo.  That is what happens when you are with girls all day buddy.  

You still love to be outside and we are excited to get you in the pool this summer.  

Your appetite is growing like crazy.  You love bananas and sweet potatoes.  You like your pears and squash.  Today we are trying out the applesauce for the first time.  I'm sure you will like it.  You know when it is time for your bottle and you try to grab it from us before we even sit down.  

You my sweet boy are a true joy and I love watching you grow each month.  Your personality is BIG and you know it.  Love you little munchkin.