Weekend Recap

I have enjoyed my little blogging break.  Sometimes we all just need a short break.  

It is good to be back.  Hopefully you all enjoyed your weekend. Our weekend was eventful but relaxed.  

One of Greg's favorite movies growing up was Fantasia.  It makes sense.  Greg loves all things music.  He decided to introduce Carson over the weekend.  I think he enjoyed it.  Greg also watched his Daddy play the guitar some this weekend.  

Saturday was pretty busy.  We have decided to change our extra bedroom from an office to a guest bedroom.  The timing is great because we have some special guests who will need a bed this weekend when they come to visit.

Saturday evening we had a weekend so Carson was at home with some babysitters who made sure to give him tons of attention.  It's a shame this kid has no personality.  Haha.

We had a great morning at church on Sunday and then someone decided to eat sweet potatoes and by eat I mean cover his face in them.  I think we need to work on this a little.  Lucky for him he is cute.  

Carson ended his weekend by cheering on the Yankees with his Daddy.  Too bad both of our baseball teams are not very good.   

Happy Monday everyone!