Weekend Recap: New Recipes, Crazy Carson and Stewie

I must have woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.  I did not want to get up this morning.  We must have had too much fun this weekend.

 Friday night we tried a new Baked Chicken Parm and I think someone enjoyed his dinner. 
 He loved his dinner so much that he felt the need to call his friends to tell them all about it. 
He wanted to show his Daddy how he likes to read before bed.

Saturday morning meant a haircut for Mommy and the boys played chase all around the house.  We packed up and headed to lunch at Moe's because Mommy has way too many Moe's bucks.
Umm, I need more quesadilla Dad.  We hit up Target after lunch to get a new blender and we all enjoyed our berry smoothie for our afternoon snack. We were greeted by a unique visitor when we got home.

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you . That is a pig in our mulch.  We have been calling him Pork Chop but his real name is Stewie and apparently he likes our mulch for naps in the sun.

Someone had way too much fun in the preschool room with Miss Ashley and Miss Addie on Saturday night.  

After we picked up Carson from his room on Sunday morning at church, he snacked on some pancakes.  He was not happy when it was all gone.  

We decided it was only fair to take him to lunch.  We had a free sandwich and a gift card to Honey Baked Ham so ham sandwiches for all.  Carson wanted turkey instead.  I had to get a few things at Sam's after lunch so while I shopped, the boys looked at TV's.  It seems we may have a new TV coming soon.  We also enjoyed the samples while we were there.  We enjoyed the samples so much that we came home with two bags of potstickers.  

Sunday night dinner was another new recipe and we all loved it.  Thank you Andrea for posting this recipe.  

Have a great week everyone!