Weekend Recap: Ice Edition

Normally my weekend recaps happen earlier, but we were all home today due to the snow/ice so I thought I would work on our weekend recap during the beginning of the National Championship game.  I'm hoping I can make it for the whole game.  We will see.  

We have been home ALL weekend.  Carson and I were home about 4:45 on Friday and have not left since.  Tomorrow is another snow day for us.  

We were forecasted to get up to a foot of snow.  The meteorologists said we could get more sleet which would change our accumulation and it did.  We woke up Saturday morning to ice and during th morning we got about 2 inches of snow.  

Carson decided The Office theme song was the song to dance too today!

 I promise he really did like the snow/ice.  He was not so sure about being so bundled up.  

I loved all of the extra time with my buddy this weekend.  I'm so thankful to have had three straight days of time with my favorite two guys!

Also, we tried this recipe out for dinner tonight and we loved it.  It was the perfect snow day dinner.   Have a great Tuesday and hopefully I don't have bags under my eyes after staying up to watch this game.