Life Lately

Life lately has been a whirlwind.  I feel like these last few weeks have been daily changes in the life of the buddy.  He is turning into the coolest little man I know.  He eats non stop, runs around our house constantly and his laugh is so contagious.  He also loves to sweep which is another reminder to get a smaller broom so he can actually get some work done.  

We have been playing outside a lot lately. 

We have been busy with doctors appointments.  Physicals for Mommy & Daddy and ear infection follow ups for the buddy.

We have had fun getting our 2nd haircut and reminded Mommy it is time for her to get a haircut.
We have decided that some of the best lunches we can have are chips and salsa. 

We have played with friends and went for rides in their new carriage.
And we have hugged our friends at church.  

We have had a lot of fun lately.