Organized in 2017

I'm always on the hunt for ways to organize my house.  Our house is less than 1500 square feet and we do not have a garage so we have to find ways to organize.  I found some ideas that I'm ready to try.  Hopefully I can convince Greg on some of these as well.

This blogpost had some fun ideas.  A few of the ideas are not relevant to us now because Carson is still young but I love the board game idea.  Framing the board itself and hanging it on the wall with a ziploc bag of the pieces attached to the back.  I also loved the curtain rod idea under the cabinets to clear off the kitchen counter.

I love reading Andrea's blog and she has some great ideas in these posts.  I think what I love most is that she uses items that we all have to make storage easy.  I mean we all have old shoeboxes, almost empty candle jars, etc.  

About a year ago I put two dry erase boards on the inside door to our pantry.  One is a plain dry erase board and I write things on it that we need.  The other one is a weekly planner board where I write our meal plan for the week.  

The one that we need to do the most is the one that involves the most work from Greg.  We saw this post over the weekend and we are in desperate need to do this one.  I mean when you have about 15 boxes of Christmas decorations in your attic, this would come in handy.  This entire blog has some great idea. 

What are some of your tried and true home organizational tricks?