Top Three Right Now

This is probably one of my favorite posts to do.  I love seeing what is new with all of us.  

 Carson is learning new words all of the time.  He has been saying peekaboo lately and it cracks us up.

Carson loves dogs.  When we were in Arkansas he loved meeting his "cousins" as my brother calls his dogs.  He wanted to pet them and play with them.  I'm so glad he is not scared of them like I was (am).  

We are in the middle of our first ear infection.  The buddy is a trooper.  He was not fussy or anything.  We are thankful that he had a high temp with it or we would have never known.  It has not been fun but we are thankful that his first one was not until he was over a year.  We love our healthy little buddy. 

Greg has been busy learning the ropes of his new position at work.  We are all so proud of Daddy.  He is such a hard worker and he provides for us well.

Greg has also been practicing his piano skills more lately.  We like listening to him practice.  He is so talented.  

Greg's favorite part of the day is when he pulls in from work and sees the buddy waiting for him at the door.  It normally means lots of squeals and jumps from the little buddy.  

I am busy working on devoting more time to my Rodan + Fields business this year.  I have loved using the products these last few months and I'm ready to share them.  

I made so many pans of cinnamon rolls over Christmas but I have a feeling I may make some strawberry and raspberry rolls in February if anyone is interested.  Baking is one of my favorite things.

I've been in a clean and organizing mode lately.  I'm happy to have my house back to normal.