Happy Father's Day to my Favorite Guy

I thought today would be a great day to celebrate some of my favorite Dads.

I love my Dad.  My Dad is kind and always wants to take care of his kids.  I have seen a brand new side of him in the last year and a half though.  He is crazy about a little curly haired boy named Carson.  Being a Grandpa might be his favorite role yet.  Carson James is his favorite tiny human.  He is currently working on a few projects at his house for things to do with Carson when we visit in the fall. Carson is lucky to call you Grandpa.


And then you have my favorite guy who has made one incredible Dad. Sorry about all of the Greg and Carson pictures.  Really, I'm not that sorry though. 

 Greg, you are without a doubt the best Dad that Carson could have asked for.  You are his best friend.  He lights up and jumps for joy when he sees you.  You love him, protect him, fight for him and discipline him.  You demonstrate love to him in ways that he will be so thankful for as he gets older.  We hope that you feel loved and appreciated this weekend.  

If you are looking for something yummy to make for the Dads in your life this weekend you should check out these Ham & Cheese Scones.  They are delicious.  I made them yesterday for a brunch at work and I didn't come home with any of them.  I would show you a picture but I didn't get a good one before they were all gone.  

Happy Father's Day Weekend!