Weekend Recap

I missed Friday Favorites last week.  I was wore out and just didn't write the post so my weekend recap is beginning with Thursday because it is my blog and I want to share some of my Thursday pictures.

I left work early on Thursday to take the buddy to his ear infection follow up appointment.  Hooray for the infection being gone.  He loved playing before his appointment.

He is my favorite little guy.  He has so much fun.  That night we went to a going away party for some of our friends.  Carson is going to miss his friend too.

Friday night we made a quick dinner at home before heading out for snocones and our Friday night fun at Sam's.

I love strawberry snocones and Carson loved sampling our flavors.  
He played for a few minutes too and thought he was so cool to be out on a Friday night when it was after his bedtime.  
He had to guard his snacks and his juice boxes.  
We came home and put him to bed and I watched the Braves game on Facebook live while picking up a little bit.  Baseball is a great way to end a Friday night.

We left our house early on Saturday for swim lessons but not before someone got their granola bar all over my bed.  Yes, all of my sheets and blankets were washed that afternoon.  

Carson has loved the water in the past but he was not sure about day one of swim lessons.  We are hoping next week will be better.  All of the kids were so cute and most of them were having a good time.  We hit up Panera after swim lessons because water makes you hungry apparently.  

Before heading home we went to get groceries.  Someone loved sampling the ham and chicken we got from the deli.  We love getting Boar's Head meats.
We had planned to stay home all afternoon and I'm glad we did because we had a major storm come through early evening.  Greg went to church but Carson and I stayed home.  We made cookies and we saw a playset that we hope our Uncle Wes can build for his house.

We also checked on our flowers outside and made crockpot meatballs for dinner.

We then watched the storm come in and had a river in our backyard.

Someone enjoyed their meatballs and mashed potatoes for dinner.
We were at church longer than normal on Sunday because of a family meeting so we had a late lunch and we decided to try out the booster seat.  I'm not ready for all of this growing up.

We relaxed the rest of the day before making burgers and enjoying our ice cream sandwiches.

We hope you had a great weekend!  Carson and I were asleep by 8 last night.  We were exhausted.