Weekend Recap

Hello Monday, I was not ready for you.  Apparently my weekend wore me out.  I fell asleep on the couch at 8:30 watching TV and at 10 Greg woke me up after saying my name several times to tell me to go to bed.  

My weekend started at the gym on the treadmill.  I was listening to this podcast the whole time and loved it.  It was so timely even though it is several months old.  

Greg came home and changed before we began our exciting night.  Someone wanted to help park the car.
Our exciting Friday night meant dinner and grocery shopping.  We actually ate dinner at the grocery store.  We love Publix.  We ordered several chicken tenders, potato wedges and mac and cheese for the buddy.  He also enjoyed his free sugar cookie after dinner too.

Saturday morning began with cuddles in Mommy & Daddy's bed.

Someone also rocked his Ninja Turtle slippers.
Saturday errands meant my annual eye exam and the boys took the car to get an oil change.  Carson and I stayed home on Saturday because he had a slight fever.  

Sunday morning was Promotion Sunday at church and we met a lot of new 6th grade students.  We came home and played outside.  

Daddy mowed the yard while Carson and I enjoyed the pool and bubbles.  

I love weekends outside with this boy.
We also love our swimming Mickey Mouse and lots of splashing.  We had planned to grill veggies and steaks but a storm that we did not see in the forecast quickly approached.  We managed to grill the steaks but had to cook the veggies inside.

I mean what is better than ending your Sunday with this guy.
I also realized I was not in the shade as well as I thought.  I got a little red.  I applied my Soothe #2 before bed and woke up to a much better looking burn.