Happy Birthday Mom!

Happy March 7th to all of you!  Today is my Mom's birthday.  Happy Birthday Mom!  I looked up a couple of things that happened on March 7th in history that I thought were interesting.  Here you go...

1876: Alexander Graham Bell patents the telephone
1926: First Transatlantic Telephone Call (London-New York)
1933: The Game Monopoly was invented
1934: Willard Scott was born

There you go.  My goal today is to convince Willard Scott to send you birthday wishes.  After all, you are birthday buddies.  Maybe you two can make a call to London to say hello while playing Monopoly.  

I hope you have a wonderful birthday and celebrate it however you want.  Snack all day because we all know you would rather have snacks here and there than have a meal.  Have a bag of Munchos and a Sun Drop.