The Lord Our God

Tomorrow night Greg and I are going to go to the Send North America Experience Tour at Southeastern.  We have had this on our calendar for months and we are both so excited.  We have known from the beginning that we would be able to hear David Platt speak and that the music would be led by the Passion Band.  It wasn't until a few weeks ago that we found out that Kristian Stanfill would be coming.  That sealed the deal for us.  Of all of the Passion artists, we both really enjoy Kristian Stanfill.  

I know for me personally, there is something about the words in his songs that stirs my heart.  I love worship music and I really do love all kinds of worship music.  I can listen to Travis Cottrell for hours, followed by The Gettys, to Kristian Stanfill.  

I was listening to one of Kristian's songs tonight and was just reminded how thankful I am to be able to worship a God who knows me.  He knows me and He created me.  He loves me and fights for me.  There is something so incredibly powerful about Him.  

In listening to this song tonight, I am reminded just of who my God is.  He is the Lord.

He is ever faithful
He is never changing
He leads us
He makes promises
He keeps promises
He provides for us
He is good
He is a planner
He guides us
He is all we need

He is the Lord.  He is God.