Surrender, Abide and Rest in Christ

David Platt shared in chapel on Tuesday and as always there is so much to learn from him.  We were talking afterwards and said that there are very few people who have that powerful soft spoken voice.  He talks and you listen.  His voice works in such a way that shows so much emotion but forces you to consider what is being said.  It is quite remarkable to me.

Here are a few quotes from his message...

"If you can trust Him to save you from eternal damnation, you can trust Him to lead you while on this earth."

"Unreached people groups are unreached for a reason: they are hard to reach.  All of the easy ones have already been taken."

"If there's any fear of putting a blank check on the table just remember who you're giving the check to."

"Refuse to put any limitations on where God is calling you."

"It is unacceptable that there are still people today that wake up and go to sleep without hearing the name of Jesus."

"The local church is the center of the Great Commission."

The three words that spoke so clear to me were Surrender, Abide and Rest.

I love how the Lord knows exactly what we need to hear.  I'm sure in a room as full as chapel was that certain things stood out to others that were not the things that stood out to me.  There are many times that I feel like the person speaking is talking directly to me.  I hope and pray that these quotes above are not simply quotes, I hope that the words that the Lord spoke through David Platt would be used as an encouragement for us to do more.  There is plenty of work left and I do not want to simply sit and watch others do that work.  I want to partner with my local church and see the Gospel go forward.  I want to know the Lord deeper and strive to look more like Him each day. 

If you want to watch the entire chapel message, here you go.  All past chapel messages can be found on the Southeastern website.