Show and Tell Tuesday: Favorite Room

I have been thinking about this post all weekend.  I'm linking up with Andrea and Erika today for their Show and Tell Tuesdays.  

I thought my favorite room would be our kitchen.  I love our kitchen.  It is cute and quaint.  I get to cook and bake in it everyday.   See, it is so fun. 

But, I have to say that my favorite room is our living room.  Everyday, I get to sit down and relax with my best friend.  Our couch is so comfortable and it is our place.  We relax, catch up on our days, watch a little TV, and most of them time we do our Bible Study there.  It is our special place.  

 TV time is normally ESPN or something on Netflix.  Our latest Netflix show is Chuck!

Hello cozy couch with comfy blankets.  

My sweet boy reading.  

We love this room.  It is exactly what we need after a long day.  

See you for the next Show and Tell Tuesday.  Have a wonderful Tuesday!