Three Years and Some Perspective

Three years ago today, I was exhausted.  I had been decorating with my Mom and Mrs. Sandra all day.  I had no desire to answer any more questions.  At that point on a Friday night every bit of me wanted to say I do not care, as long as I'm married tomorrow I'll be fine.  

I have a hard time remembering a lot of details from our engagement period and the week of the wedding.  There is one thing that I remember vividly and that is what Donna Wright told me.  She basically told me that something is going to go wrong on your wedding day, probably something small.  The mission of that day for you is to get married, so if at the end of the day you and Greg are married than mission accomplished.  Even if someone catches on fire, if you are married than job well done although we hope no one catches on fire.  

We did in fact have something go wrong on our wedding day....

Someone accidentally took our ice ring for the punch.  Oh no...the dreaded problem!  I do remember that moment vividly.  My bridesmaids and I were getting ready and we hear a knock on the door.  A gentleman comes in and says to me we have a problem.  He then paused for what seemed like forever and then said someone has taken your ice ring.  Seriously, that's the problem?  I smiled and said it's okay.  

I knew we had two but that wasn't the point.  That silly ice ring was not going to ruin that day for me.  I was ready to get married.  Was I exhausted and emotional, probably so.  However, at that point we were only a few hours away from being able to start a life with my best buddy and I was over the moon happy.  I was not going to pull a Monica and freak out over something so silly like a ice ring or a missing vest.

It has been three years since and I find myself telling myself the same thing.  Things are going to happen and not go according to plan, but there is a goal in mind.  If that happens than mission accomplished.