Hello Broken Bone


This might be the post that all of us are secretly wishing we did not have to do.  Our most embarrassing moment.

I had trouble narrowing down the field.  I mean I tripped in my own closet and broke my knee, burnt my forehead with a curling iron on picture day, I think you get the picture.  I'm not the most graceful human being.

I wrote a few weeks ago about how much I love doing D-Nows.  I think one of the most embarrassing things that has happened to me took place on a D-Now weekend.  A few of my friends went to our friend Cody's home church during our Fall Break Sophomore Year at at OBU. 

Our Saturday activity with all of the students was to go have paintball wars.  I decided being the awesome small group leader that I was, that I would just sit back and watch everyone else.  I would try to talk to some students and just hang out with them while they were waiting their turns.  Eventually, we decided to start playing catch with a football while we were finishing up.  

I am quite competitive.  I think that happens a lot when you have a brother.  Anyway, I decided that I was just as good as the boys.  Let me remind you, we were just playing CATCH not an actual game of football.  I decided to jump up in the air for the ball against a guy who was much taller and stronger than me.  We collided in the air and then fell.  He fell on me.  Everyone heard this popping noise.  Most people thought I had locked my jaw or something when I hit the ground when actually my wrist broke.  That's right, I broke my wrist because a boy fell on me.  Lovely. 

People like me are the reason why churches make you fill out a medical release form before you attend things.  It is good to have that insurance information.  A trip to urgent care, a temporary cast, and one extremely swollen wrist later I was the leader who broke her wrist.  I honestly do not think that my small group remembered anything else about me from that weekend.  It simply proves that klutzy people should not try to do things they have no business doing.