It's Friday Favorites!

Let's be honest...Friday Favorites are the best!  I look forward to reading all of the Friday Favorites posts all week!

I'm linking up with Erika and Narci today.  

Numero Uno

I have been posting about this all week on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.  The #SeamlessBibleStudy is coming soon!  April 1st to be exact. I'm on the launch team and I am so ready to get my hands on this new Bible study by Angie Smith.  Surely you know by now that I really love Angie's stuff.  I've posted about her books in the past.  

Numero Dos 

YES!  This book has been great this week.  I've been reading a little here and there during my few free minutes here and there.  I really enjoy how Lauren will use personal stories and Scripture at the same time to try and explain what she is saying.  It is easy to read and the chapters are not that long.  Her website for the book has some great resources on it including some really cute phone lock screens.  

Numero Tres

I am having a hard time typing this because it pains me a little, but my third favorite this week is the time change.  I'm still having so much trouble getting up in the morning but the fact that it is still light out past 7:00 is absolutely glorious.  Not to mention, we have had perfect weather this week with 60s and 70s. Hello spring.  

Happy Friday!  Enjoy the sunshine and nice weather.  March Madness is beginning this week with conference tournaments and I for one am sooooo excited.  Go Duke and Go Arkansas!