Throwback Day: Nicaragua

 Happy Throwback Thursday!  I was flipping through some pictures the other day and was reminded of my first mission trip out of the country.  I was able to go with my brother and my Dad to Nicaragua.  Wes and my Dad had went the year before.  They thought they were pros.  

I remember I had two big fears about the trip...
1. I'm super picky and was afraid of beans and rice every day.  We ended up eating Tip-Top every day for lunch.  Hello fried chicken.  I think by the end of the week we were tired of it, but it was just a reminder to me all week.

2. I knew we were staying in a jungle type area and I was so afraid of bugs and mice in our room.  We had a mouse in our room every night.  He never came near us, we would hear him running around all night.  I remember being so scared wondering where he was and then my Dad told me that they had a giant snake in their room hanging from the fan.  I was instantly thankful for a mouse.