Friday Favorites: Short Edition

I thought Friday would never come.  This week has been crazy.  I'm so ready for the weekend.  I'm hopeful that on my weekend recap on Monday to be able to say that we got a car this weekend.  My fingers are crossed.

I'm linking up with Andrea and Narci today for Friday Favorites.
First off, I want to wish a Happy Anniversary to my favorite brother and his wife Katy.  Today is their 5 year wedding anniversary.  They got married just short of two months after Greg and I.  I'm sorry Mom and Dad.

I also liked a quote I saw on my Facebook memories today from the book The Nesting Place.  I loved this book.
"The real question isn't whether it's right or wrong to live in a big house.  It's, what am I doing with what I've been given."

This book was more convicting to me than I realized.  If you haven't read it, you should.

This week has been crazy and I know I have more favorites than that, but my favorite right now might be some caffeine that is needed.  See you on Monday.