Weekend Recap

Hello Monday, it was not nice to see you and I did not appreciate the migraine that you brought.  Thankfully it has departed now.

Friday, I went to a womens conference with Jen Wilkin so I had to get Carson to Greg near his work in order to make it on time.  We met up for dinner and Carson wanted to look over his sushi options.

Saturday morning I had to miss the conference from feeling bad Friday night when I got home.  The boys wanted to go get breakfast and someone enjoyed coloring before his eggs and toast came.

We spent the rest of the afternoon resting before we went to Saturday Night Service.  We like to end our Saturdays with dinner at Taco Bell.  My boys enjoy their quesadillas.
Sunday we went to church and after church we headed to the Carolina Muscats game.  Someone needed a short nap before the game but then he was ready to play ball.

He did not make it very long but he had fun while he was there.  He wanted to go home and blow bubbles with Daddy.

I worked on dinner prep and the boys worked on drum lessons.  Drum lessons start early at our house.

We used the wok that was at my Grandma's house to make beef & broccoli.  It was tasty.
Greg and I ended our weekend with Sunday Night Baseball cheering on his Yankees.  We did not make it the whole game.  We fell asleep.  In our defense it went 18 innings and wasn't over until 2:15am.