Friday Favorites

Hello Friday and hello 3 day weekend!  It is nice to see you.  I'm linking up with Andrea, Erika and Narci for Friday Favorites.  
This article has been a favorite this week.  As a working Mom this resonates so much with me.  I know that my summer will look different because Carson is still too little to do a lot of things but this article has just been very encouraging to me this week.  Thank you Jessica for being open about what you are feeling.  You are not alone.  

I don't know about you but I love strawberries.  They have been a big favorite at our house this week.
My post yesterday had a yummy Strawberry Crisp recipe too.  

The buddy has some serious personality.  He cracks us up everyday.  He is definitely watching what we do and is trying to do it himself.  He turns everything (Wii remote, TV remote, hairbrush) into a phone and pretends to call his friends.  He also loves to get his Daddy's brush and brush his hair.  He may have got our mini dust pan brush and tried to brush his hair with that.  Gross.  Tuesday night he decided to brush his Daddy's hair.
No one said he was gentle with the brush.  I love this kid.

Our weather has been nice for the most part.  Well, it has been rainy the last couple of nights.  Monday night we got a glimpse of summer evenings at our house.

We had fun playing baseball with Carson.  I don't think the MLB is going to be making any house calls anytime soon though.  
I felt like this was the definition of summer.  Greg found a frog as we were about to water the plants.  He kept trying to catch it and after a few minutes he did.  Carson was not sure what to think.
We also saw lightning bugs.  Hello summer.

I'm placing a Rodan + Fields bulk order on Monday morning.  
I'm offering the following products at my Preferred Customer price with no tax and no shipping. Comment below with your e-mail if you are interested.  If there is something else you want to try let me know.  
Sunless Tanner $23
Sunscreen $23
Lash Boost $135
Micro-Dermabrasion Paste $72
Multi-Function Eye Cream $55

These are my legs a few weeks ago when I did my first application of the Sunless Tanner.  I love how natural it looks. 
I hope you all enjoy your three day weekend.  I also want to remember all of those who have given up their life for our freedom.  To our Veterans, I want you to know that we are truly sorry for the loss of some of your friends over the years.  We remember them with you.  

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