Weekend Recap on a Tuesday

Hey everyone!  I hope you had a great weekend and a great Monday as well.  I was home with the little buddy on Monday so this post is a little late.  Sorry but not really that sorry.  

Friday night we were at church for our Rising 6th Grade Fellowship.  We help teach a Middle School Co-Ed Small Group at church and we were meeting some new students and their parents.  Middle school is tough and we want to help prepare the students and parents as best as we can.  Having Chick-fil-A always helps too.  Carson had fun playing with his friends while we were there.  He is one fast little dude.  He also had fun getting ready before we left.  He had to brush his hair several times.
Saturday morning we started with a breakfast of champions at Panera.
Carson went to his grandparents while Greg and I went car shopping.
We came back to pick up Carson and he was impressed with the new car and wanted to test drive himself.

We were hungry by this point and decided to try Mod Pizza.  It was tasty!  
The boys went home so Carson could nap and I went to get some groceries and flowers.  I found these and was so happy.  We have a divided baseball household.
We ended our Saturday with church and Taco Bell like normal.  My Sunday morning began with baking.  

Yes, that would be Candied Bacon Chocolate Chip Cookies.  They were awesome.
Our Middle School students devoured them.  We ate lunch at Subway with friends.  Who knew kids ate free there on Sunday?  Not me, that was a plus.
We came home and someone took their nap.  We woke up and decided it was snack time.  We enjoyed one of the best summer snacks there is.

Sunday night we grilled chicken and Carson played on his slide while the chicken and corn on the cob was on the grill.  

We had such a great weekend.  I hope you did as well.