The Why Matters

I've spent the last several months working my way to look and feel healthier.  I still want my Mt. Dew but other than that, I am doing pretty well.  

In October, I joined Rodan + Fields as a consultant.  I wanted my skin to look healthier. I have never in my life taken such good care of my skin.  I do spend more time washing my face at night than I ever have, but I see and feel the difference.  I love how my skin looks now.  

In January, we joined the gym.  I know what you are thinking.  Everyone joins the gym in January.  That is probably true, but it is now May and we are still going.  Greg loves lifting weights.  I love using the machines and taking classes.  Aquabarre is probably my favorite.  

Two weeks ago at work, I joined a weight loss competition.  There are 6 of us doing it.  We all want to be healthier so we are in it together.  There is a small prize at the end for the winner but we are all really enjoying the friendly competition together.

The goal here is not to be the skinniest girl with the prettiest skin.  My goal is to be healthy and to be able to enjoy each day with my boys.  I want to honor the Lord with how I take care of myself.  Here is to May and to continuing to be a little bit healthier with each passing day.