Carson the 4 Month Old

How in the world are you already 4 months old?  Well technically, you are 4 months and 1 day.  

Yesterday was also the anniversary of the day that your Dad and I found out about you.  That's right.  We finished up D-Now weekend, had Kanki for an early anniversary date, took a nap and then we found out that you were on the way.  We contemplated taking the test before our nap but we were so tired from D-Now that we thought we needed a nap first.  Sorry buddy, but sometimes naps are a priority.  

Moving on, here is what is new with you buddy.
You are becoming a little more round.  That's right, you don't miss a meal.  You are all about a good bottle.  You are now having all 6 oz bottles and you have them every 3 1/2 hours during the day.  We like our schedule buddy.  The doctor said on Monday that you weigh 13 lbs and 11.5 ounces.  You are in the 16th percentile in weight.  Your length puts you in the 33rd percentile at 24.75 inches.  Your head is on the large side.  You can blame your Dad for that one buddy.  The circumference of it is 42.5 cm putting you in the 78th percentile. 

You sleep from about 8:30 at night until we wake you at 6 to feed you.  Nicely done.  

You have recently discovered your ability to grab things and hold on to them.  You like to grab your little teether toys and your mini stuffed animals.  Of course as soon as you grab them they end up in your mouth.  

You LOVE to be outside.  You do not like when your teachers make you come inside during the day.  

You are still as happy as can be when you are on the changing pad.  In fact that is where you gave us your first real laugh the other day.  

You are rocking out the size 2 diapers and wear 3-6 month clothes.  

You like to stand up and hold our hands.  Sometimes if you are really happy you will take a little step.  Translation buddy, you like to move.  Your Dad is convinced that you will skip crawling and just walk.  Please buddy, do not let your Dad be right.  He is right way too much as it is.  

You love bath time because it means more time to kick and play.  

Thanks for keeping us on our toes buddy.  We love you more every day and are honored to be your parents.