Weekend Recap: Easter

Back to normal people, well sort of.  Many people are still out of school but it is back to work for Greg and I after our 3 1/2 day weekend.  We loved our extra long weekend with our family but I think we are more tired today than we were on Thursday.  

Thursday was our 4 year wedding anniversary.  We decided to take a 1/2 day at work and celebrate.  We went to lunch at The Cheesecake Factory.  Allow me to show you my two favorite parts...

 Yes, I will have all the bread and cheesecake please.  

I am so thankful for my sweet husband.

After lunch we headed to see Carson at his daycare and take part in his Easter Egg Hunt.  He tried and he would grab an egg and just hold it.  Okay maybe he would try and put the egg in his mouth, but he loved being outside.

So sweet.  

As all anniversaries do, we ended our day at Target buying groceries.  What love.  On the way home we picked up a sandwich at Charron's Deli in Youngsville.  If you have not tried it and you live close, you should.  So tasty.  

Friday we went to our Good Friday Communion service at church and then to lunch at Olive Garden with Greg's family.  Someones nap schedule was thrown off all weekend and the only nap he took Friday was during the service.

Saturday we went to the block party at church.  Little man slept through most of it but he did manage to enjoy the fresh air and the end of it.

I love how our church serves the community each year through our Easter Block Party and Harvest Festival.  Carson was a little mad that he couldn't enjoy the food trucks like Mom and Dad.  Maybe you can have a dumpling next year buddy.

That afternoon we rested some and watched a little basketball.  Someone learned that he likes his thumb.  He also decided to sport some Arkansas gear.

Multiple outfit changes in one day when you drool 100% of the day.  

We woke up Sunday morning on the wrong side of the bed apparently.  I will spare you those pictures.  He did love his Easter basket and was excited to sport his little tie to church to celebrate the Risen Savior.

We had a wonderful Easter weekend but we are wore out!

Have a great week everyone!