Weekend Recap

It's Monday and it's cold.  Boo.  Apparently it is officially spring now but North Carolina did not get the memo.  It is freezing outside.  

We had a relaxing weekend which was just what we needed.  

Little buddy had a great 1st St. Patrick's Day.  He also rocked out the green.  Those eyes are going to get me in big trouble.

He also is turning in to quite the artist.  

We decided to grill on Friday before it turned cold on Saturday.  There is something about a hot dog and a burger grilled over some charcoal.  Yummy.  After dinner we assembled this little beauty.

Little buddy is not quite tall enough for it but he likes to look at all of the fun shapes and colors.  

Greg and I agonized over our bracket busters all weekend.  We knew we should have had more confidence in Duke.  Boo on us.

Carson has come a long way in his playing lately.  He is now interested in grabbing everything.  

He hasn't learned that his stuffed monkey is not food though.  Everything goes straight in the mouth.  

Today we have his 4 month well check.  I'm so curious how he has grown in the last 2 months.

Have a great week everyone!

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