Show and Tell Tuesday: Life Soundtrack

It's Show and Tell Tuesday over on Momfessionals and today is all about the mix tape of our life.  Some of these are oh so cheesy and some of them are not on here because I couldn't find the video I wanted.  Regardless, enjoy some crazy.  

I Want It That Way
This is the song that I think about for my pre-teen years.  You could probably add a few other Backstreet Boys songs or even a few N*Sync ones and you would be on track.  

I still crack up at how much I loved, who am I kidding, still love this song.  Hello middle school years.

Dare You To Move
I think this is a fitting song for my high school years.  

Learning to Fly
 This is probably one of my favorite songs and it is a perfect song to describe some of those college years.  

Marry Me
This song is so special.  I loved that I walked down the aisle to this song.

These last few were songs that I feel like should be in my life soundtrack.  They are ones that at various times and seasons have been on repeat.  

Can't Go Back Now 



See you in a few weeks for the next Show and Tell Tuesday.