Harrison Top Three

I began blogging to create a type of journal for myself.  Who knows what sort of social platforms we will have in 10 years or so but I wanted to be able to one day look back and see my life on paper (or blogspot).  Scrapbooking didn't work for me, so a blog was my solution. 

 I often share photos of myself and family on other social media outlets but I tend to forget that in a few years I may not remember what some of those pictures represented.  

I saw on another blog the idea to share three things about each person in the family right now.  I loved the idea.  My plan is to periodically share our current top three.  The hope is that for me it allows me to see the things that are important and happening to us now.


1 - Toes!  Carson is all about the toes.  He loves to reach for them and just hold on to them.  

2 - Carson is so alert.  He is aware when you leave the room, he wants to know where everyone is all of the time.  You walk in to his daycare and immediately looks all around to see what is going on.  Apparently he takes after his Mom.  

3 - Carson is beginning to watch us as we eat our food.  I think fruits and vegetables will be making an appearance for this guy sooner than I would like. 


1 - Greg is getting ready at work for a busy few months.  Summer is a busy time in the HVAC industry.

2 - Greg is all about some cashews.  We bought a big container of them the other day and I'm pretty sure they will be gone within a day or so.  

3 - Greg is fighting allergies.  The yellow cloud that takes over the state of North Carolina has hit him the hardest in our house.


1 - I'm ready for Season 2 of Fixer Upper to hit Netflix.  Come on Friday.  Dear Joanna, please come to my house and make it beautiful.

2 - The spring cleaning bug has hit me.  I'm ready to purge my house.  Watch out boys, Momma is going to be busy.

3 - I have been on a new recipe kick lately and would love to try more.  I have lots of ideas on Pinterest but would love some ideas that people have actually tried.  

See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!