Life Lately: Family Photos with Lister Photography

We have been LOVING the sunshine lately.  Sadly it is not going to be quite as warm these next few days.  We are also enjoying having more daylight in the evening because apparently we have a little guy who adores being outside.  

A couple of weeks ago we took some family photos with our friend Gia.  We love the Listers and had a blast with them that day.  Gia finished editing the photos earlier this week.  They turned out great.  

Side note, Carson has about 10 million different expressions.  He likes to make sure you know that he has personality and plenty of it.  All of that to say, we did not get many smiles from him that day.  We had a few smirks, lots of serious looks, a couple with the paci and several of the enough already Mom look.  

Here are a few of my favorites, I decided not to go on picture overload for you.  You're welcome.  

 Gia wanted to get this sweet shot.  We hoped Carson would look down for her, but hey sometimes a 3 month old does what he wants to do.

 Those eyes.  Yes Carson, you can have whatever you want buddy.

 He looks so big to me in this picture.  Like how I stand up Mom?

 Umm Dad, this is me looking at Mrs. Gia instead of you.  Sorry but I thought I was supposed to look at the lady with the camera.  

 That face, he is a joy.  

 Carson, we could not love you more.

 When Gia said to bring a few props, I knew this would be one of them.  I love that Carson is sitting in my chair from when I was little.  

 Mom, my cheeks are starting to get a little chilly.  

 I'm ready for my audition.  Good thing his Dad and Chad were there to witness. It looks like we have two drummers in the house.  He spent a few seconds hitting the sticks together.  It is in the genes.  

Mom, I'm tired and a little fussy.  Please just let me have my paci and some snuggles.  You got it dude.  

Thank you so much Gia for these perfect photos.  Check out Lister Photography