March Bucket List

I am a task oriented person.  I like order and structure and I like to set goals for myself.  This has looked very different these past few months as I daily work to figure out the balance of being a wife, mom, friend and an employee.  Writing down goals has been extremely helpful for me.  

Here are my goals or what I like to call my March Bucket List.

{One: Drink More Water}
I am the first to admit that I do not drink enough water in the day.  I plan to have my Hydro Flask with me more often and have it full of water.  

{Two: Put the Phone Away}
This one is going to be tough but it is needed in my life.  After work each day, I only have a few hours with my boys.  I do not need to be distracted by my iPhone.  I plan to put the phone away for a couple of hours during the week.  I guarantee we will all feel better about that one.  

{Three: Sunday Meal Prep}
I did this on Sunday and it made our Monday and Tuesday dinners so easy.  All I had to do each night when I got home was pop the dish in the oven and let it bake.  There was no meal prep at all and it was glorious.  We actually ate dinner at a decent time both nights.  I would love to at least prep two meals each Sunday afternoon to have for the week.  If I can get three, I will be a happy camper.  

{Four: Date My Husband}
Greg and I will celebrate four years this month.  We love having Carson in our life but we want to make sure we continue to have time for one another.  I want to have at least two dates with Greg this month.  Lucky for us we have lots of people who volunteer to watch the little guy.  

I have a feeling that a few of these will be harder than others for me.   Come on March, we can do this.