Weekend Recap: All About the Sleep

Our weekend was defined by sleep.  All three of us were wore out from last week and needed to just relax this weekend.  We did our best and I think we were successful.  

Friday night, Carson and Greg went over and spent time with the grandparents while I stayed home and watched Fuller House with some friends.  Not a bad way to kick off the weekend.  We made it through 5 episodes and I finished them off on Saturday.  I thought the show did a good job of bringing back some nostalgia but also adding some new elements.  I think Max Fuller was my favorite part.  

All of us stayed in our pajamas until late afternoon on Saturday.  We basically laid on the couch all day and no complaints here.  Mom also fought back tears on Saturday as she packed up the 0-3 month clothes and washed the 3-6 month clothes.  Slow down baby boy. 

Little buddy was like this about 75% of the weekend.  He just wanted to fall asleep on Mom or Dad. 

After church on Saturday night, we decided to watch the Thunder game.  I had little hope that my Thunder would beat the Warriors but it was quite the game.  Again, we had some sleepy eyes during the game but he tried.  

Sunday was wonderful.  We had a great morning at church, came home and had the screen door and windows open, and had a relaxing/productive afternoon.  Someone must have partied a little hard at church because as soon as we got home he went straight to bed.  You know you are tired when the shoes stay on for nap time.  

I've realized how difficult it is to get dinner on the table (at a reasonable time) when you work full time.  I decided to do some meal prep for our week Sunday afternoon so that we are not eating dinner at 8pm every night this week.  This proved to be a good distraction to the terrible Duke game that was on our TV.  That was a rough two hours in the Harrison house.

He is a cute Duke fan though.

It was so nice to not feel rushed this weekend of being 10 different places.  We enjoyed our weekend at home.  Our little guy is growing and changing every day.  His personality is coming out more as well.  Greg and I enjoyed playing with little man all weekend.